Jobs For Rural India

You will be amazed and proud to know that the number of graduates in India is much higher than that in the US. India has been producing a minimum of 3 million graduates from various universities, in various subjects. Since India is a country where education prevails, the students mostly do complete their graduation first and then look for jobs, while some of them even go for higher studies like post graduate or doctoral degrees. Companies demand candidates who have completed their studies on time, without wasting a single year.

Freelancing jobs for rural youth

With the establishment of a number of IT and ITES companies in India, the job opportunities have also boomed which demand professionals on large scale. There are various online jobs too which require freelancers to work for them. This opened up many doors for the rural people who are educated but could not leave their place because of any reason. Many of the freelancing jobs are non technical and do not require technical degrees, making it eligible for the rural youth who are not much exposed to the IT education and jobs. Such jobs may include data entry works, writing jobs, proof reading jobs, phone banking process jobs, jobs of stock trading executives, tele-callers, etc.

Women liberalization

Women have also come up with their desire to work, as there has been liberalization in the thoughts of parents who wish to see their daughters working and educate their coming generations too. Urban women are more exposed to different types of job opportunities, but the rural women have also came out of the shell, trying their luck and are giving close competition to their urban counterparts. The most sought after jobs for the rural women in India have been teaching, banking, writing, etc, which do not require them to travel long distances, while ensuring job security.

Belief in government jobs

The rural people believe that the government jobs are still best and encourage their children to prepare for the government competitive examinations such as that of banking, UPSC, etc. The rural people do not mind working taking up clerical jobs in the banks as well, as far as it is with any public sector job. Job security the prime concern for them and hence they prefer spending time in preparing rather than private sector jobs.

However there are candidates who move to bigger cities to seek private jobs and seek professional technical courses, such as engineering, diploma, MCS, BCA, etc. some of the rural youth leave their hometown and go to the urban areas for coaching classes to get through these examinations. It is also very important for a candidate to improve his/her communication skills to cope up with the competitive environment.

Jobs for the rural people mean only government jobs, hence there is need to change the mindset of these people and make them aware about the job market, especially online jobs, which can be pursued while sitting at homes.