The Use of Assessments to Help You in Your Career Coaching Business

Career coaching has been becoming more and more popular these days and the use of assessments have been of much help to this type of coaching. Assessments are psychological instruments that are scientifically validated to give you insights on your clients. If these assessments are administered and interpreted correctly then they will help you determine the best career that will match with your client. Assessments are best paired with a comprehensive analysis of your client’s past employments. The result will give you a great client profile that you will be able to work with effectively.

Career coaching deals with matching a client to a career, that you as a coach feel that they are compatible with. Matches can be based on the client’s style, values and attitude. Also, based on the client’s profile, assessment results and a detailed analysis on past employments you can foresee how a client will interact with others and how they will be able to fit in their new work environment. A lot of factors can affect them and these are characteristics of the job, and the styles, values and attitudes of the teams. It is a matter of finding the perfect fit for your client.

When determining if the job matches your client, you cannot depend on their interviews alone. Why is this so? When people are up for an interview they are at their best. They are at their game and they want to make a good impression. Usually a candidate is chosen because we feel that we are personally comfortable with them, but this should not be the case because we should choose someone that have been successful in the position we are offering and has the characteristics of one who is capable of success.

Aside from giving us a bird’s eye view of which client will be naturally successful and which client will need our support, the assessments can show us how to coach our clients to get the best results for all. This is what career coaching is all about, so it is best to make use of assessments and a detailed analysis of work experience to make a match.

Career coaching is not only about matching a client with a career he truly wants but also being successful in the career he has chosen. It is also about being productive and getting the best results for his team. Making a difference in your client’s lives is what it is all about.