The Use of Assessments to Help You in Your Career Coaching Business

Career coaching has been becoming more and more popular these days and the use of assessments have been of much help to this type of coaching. Assessments are psychological instruments that are scientifically validated to give you insights on your clients. If these assessments are administered and interpreted correctly then they will help you determine the best career that will match with your client. Assessments are best paired with a comprehensive analysis of your client’s past employments. The result will give you a great client profile that you will be able to work with effectively.

Career coaching deals with matching a client to a career, that you as a coach feel that they are compatible with. Matches can be based on the client’s style, values and attitude. Also, based on the client’s profile, assessment results and a detailed analysis on past employments you can foresee how a client will interact with others and how they will be able to fit in their new work environment. A lot of factors can affect them and these are characteristics of the job, and the styles, values and attitudes of the teams. It is a matter of finding the perfect fit for your client.

When determining if the job matches your client, you cannot depend on their interviews alone. Why is this so? When people are up for an interview they are at their best. They are at their game and they want to make a good impression. Usually a candidate is chosen because we feel that we are personally comfortable with them, but this should not be the case because we should choose someone that have been successful in the position we are offering and has the characteristics of one who is capable of success.

Aside from giving us a bird’s eye view of which client will be naturally successful and which client will need our support, the assessments can show us how to coach our clients to get the best results for all. This is what career coaching is all about, so it is best to make use of assessments and a detailed analysis of work experience to make a match.

Career coaching is not only about matching a client with a career he truly wants but also being successful in the career he has chosen. It is also about being productive and getting the best results for his team. Making a difference in your client’s lives is what it is all about.

Motivation For Home Based Medical Transcription Jobs

Feeling de-motivated and ineffective? As symptoms that strike most of the home-based medical transcriptionists, feeling de-motivated and out of sorts with energies dwindling and lethargic is common. There are many ways that will help you to refresh and rejuvenate your mind while improving on productivity and increasing skills. With just you alone in your home office, you will tend to miss talking and discussing medical transcription issues with your colleagues and friends. Motivation is very important while working from home and if you set goals for yourself, you can regain your productivity besides increasing your income.

Increase your energy factor and focus on acquiring new clients which means more income and decreasing working hours at your transcription. Finish all household tasks early and get to your desk where you will concentrate on transcribing medical records in record time. While you are feeling energetic and alert, keep those hours for priority projects instead of wasting precious minutes talking to friends or reading emails. Count your breaks and never stray more than five minutes from your desk except for a ten or fifteen minute break for meals. Time every break carefully so you can finish your work on time and earn the accolade of a fast worker who focuses on each job at hand.

Keep up the Professional Outlook

As usual, remind family and friends that you work at your home-based medical transcription job during certain hours and will not be available. Try and finish all pending household jobs and shop over the weekend so you can save time for your medical transcription work in the comfort of your home. Keep to regular office hours and dress accordingly so will feel motivated while looking and feeling smart. Be professional in your outlook and apply the same to your surroundings which should be pristine and neat. Get rid of the clutter while adding tasteful touches to your home office.

Keep away from distractions and concentrate on your home-based medical transcription which is earning you your income while maintaining the dignity of being a professional. Stay away from the television, phone, social networking and chat sites so you can save on time while trying to make more money and getting more clients with quick turnaround time. Work on complicated medical files to improve your skills while absorbing the latest technology in usage. With productive hours deployed towards concentration on medical transcription, you will surely be able to feel more and more motivated.

One of the best ways to keep that motivation circulating in your system is by exercising or walking. Take off for an hour or so after you finish your home-based transcription and refresh your mind with some fresh air. With medical transcriptionists being in demand by the healthcare industry, it is difficult sometimes to take long breaks with a vacation though sometimes it is possible if you have someone filling in for you. Vacations can motivate you and you will feel a sense of fulfillment after a reviving break. Keep on a fast track with renewed motivation and succeed with your home-based medical transcription.

V Transcription offers Motivation Home-based Medical Transcription

The Executive Recruitment Agencies Help to Find The Right Job For The Right Candidate

One fact should always be remembered by everyone that it is with the advancement of technology that it has become quite easy for the common masses to get information within such a short period. Earlier it was not possible to get the prior information as the mediums of getting the information are not that good and efficient. But the invent of internet has benefited the entire mankind as one can easily sit at the comfort of their home or office and search the internet to get all the required information on the recruitment agencies. One needs to search the internet very carefully to get the best website that has been able to deliver the best jobs particularly in the energy sector.

There is no doubt about the fact that in order to do a successful business one needs to have a long term relationship with all the clients. The best company in the internet has a great reputation among all their clients and with the growing phase of time, their bonding is becoming stronger. The company has a great reputation as an executive search firm as there are many who believe that it is practically an impossible task to get going in this kind of a tough business. It is due to the will power and the responsible attitude towards all the clients, the company has been able to get such an overwhelming response among the clients.

It is true that one gets a lot of job opportunities through the executive recruitment agencies and that’s the reason why the clients are really satisfied with the companying getting all their recruitment needs. The company has many roles to work on the business. Every day new clients with new aspirations approach the company and thus it is the responsibility of the company to help all of them to find their desired jobs across various geographical locations.

One fact should always be kept in mind that it is the Oil & Gas project management that plays the vital role in the entire process as most of the clients have an eye in this particular sector. It is a very dynamic industry and the ones who are exploring here are sure to make a big achievement in the future.

The company has experts who have full knowledge in the entire Oil&Gas vacanciesand they thus help to make a good understanding about the entire situation in the field. All these factors gave added together in making the company number one in the field.

Whatever Happened to Bebo And Friends Reunited?

There are more people on Facebook today than there were on this planet just 200 years ago, and Mark Zuckerberg’s phenomenally popular social networking site shows no sign of relinquishing its influence.

Along with Twitter, it enjoys a monopoly on the global social networking make up – but it wasn’t always that way.

Remember Bebo? Yes that’s right, if you’re of a certain generation you probably had an account when you were about 13 complete with a garishly coloured profile and an information box declaring your love for Eminem.

How about Friends Reunited? The online school reunion site that for a period was big business here in Britain and a key issue in divorce proceedings across the land as lonely housewives reconnected with their school sweethearts.

But just what happened to these two giants of social networking to leave software developers out on the street and millions pledging their allegiance to Facebook? This is the story of Bebo and Friends Reunited.

Friends Reunited

Background – Friends Reunited was launched in 2000 in a bid to help people get back in touch with old school friends. Although pitiful when compared to the amount of people using Facebook and Twitter today, within a year of its launch the site had 2.5 million members – quite an achievement in the still relative early days of the Internet. Friends Reunited stories regularly filled newspapers and television shows and its popularity soon caught the attention of ITV, which later bought the site for 120 million.

Where it all went wrong – Friends Reunited committed the cardinal sin of social networking – it started to charge! Rather than depending solely on advertising, the site charged users 7.50 a year to contact their old school friends and this immediately put the majority of users off. As soon as free social networking sites like MySpaceand Facebook came on the scene, Friends Reunited was finished and ITV cut its losses selling the site to DC Thompson for a measly 25 million.


Background – Bebo’s name stands for ‘Blog Early, Blog Often’ and it was particularly popular among British teenagers after its creation in the summer of 2005. The brainchild of Michael and Xochi Birch, Bebo boasted 45 million users in 2007 and eventually tempted AOL to part with a whopping $850 million (540 million) for it in 2008.

Where it all went wrong – Quite simply, other social networking sites did exactly the same as Bebo but better. MySpace came along and blew Bebo out of the water with similar features implemented to greater effect – for example, Bebo had a music service just like its rival’s but MySpace attracted the bigger artists and record labels. Suddenly, more and more Bebo users were jumping ship to MySpace and the site was left trailing in other social networking sites’ wake (MySpace’s dominance was short lived however, when Facebook came on the scene). AOL ended up selling Bebo for the embarrassingly low price of $10 million, netting a loss of $840 million (533 million) in the process and making them the laughing stock of the technology world.

IT job boards are filled with software architect, network analyst and iPhone developer vacancies for any number of social network sites and projects but as you can see, the road is often fraught with failure. There’s no denying that social networking sites are more popular than ever, with Facebook and Twitter showing that more than one site can live side by side, but what does the future hold for social networking as a sector?

You would be stupid to suggest that Facebook and Twitter will go the same way Friends Reunited and Bebo have, but we will see when both companies are floated and sold whether Zuckerberg and co got out at the right time or will live to rue their decision.

College Jobs That Make Your Resume Look Good

Being a college student is tough. But, what is tougher is finding a job that will help you pay for your college tuition. However, even tougher is finding a job that not only pays well but also looks good on your resume and helps you to take a giant leap towards your eventual career goal.

While landing a job flipping burgers or washing cars is relatively easy and may help you make quick cash, it will do nothing for your professional aspiration. Especially if you are studying to get a college degree in management, law, medicine or engineering.

There are many college jobs in Maryland that are not only part time allowing you to pursue your education but also pay well enough for you to be able to afford college and tuition fee. However there will be only a few amongst these that will also look good on your resume and help you move closer to the coveted final job that you wish to land after graduation.

Which college jobs will look good on your resume?

If value addition to your resume is what you want, consider the following job positions:

There are many jobs in Maryland that are part time and can be pursued while studying in college. However most of these will be menial tasks that help make easy money and pay for rent and tuition. Keep in mind that the job you take up must not serve a temporary purpose only. The more professional your job is, the better it will look on your resume.

Max New York Life Careers Assist For Better Prospects

The New York Life Insurance has a network of over 130 branches situated across the globe. This company has been in operational since 2001 in India. The Max New York Life offers a number of flexible products relating to health and life. Also the company provides eight specific riders that can be customized in to 800 combinations to cater to the specific requirements of every customer.

In fact, the MNYLI is entirely committed to assisting people to facilitate their aspirations in getting the Max New York Life careers. A few of the comprehensive schemes of MNYLI offers encompass various protection Plans, Investment Plans, Children Plan, Health Plan, Retirement Plans and Savings Plans.

Getting a job in the insurance domain is highly beneficial option for all financial experts. With the accelerated growth in jobs, because of the entry of several private providers in this field, the Max New York Life careers have become a highly demanding one. A bunch of perks consisting of an attractive salary, incentives and fast career progression are extended by many of the companies today across the world. Any person who would like to pursue a career in the field needs to pursue a course in management that will provide an advantage in the insurance employment market.

These insurance management courses that are extended by many reputed institutes across the globe cover all the aspects connected with the field so that the prospective job seekers can receive a precise idea of the sector and can seize better job positions in any firm , once they complete the course successfully. This course can be studied by any person after graduation. A few of the management institutes conduct test for admission to this course, whereas some other institutes choose the students for this course by means of CAT and MAT entrance tests. Moreover, the working professionals can take up management courses, because several institutes provide correspondence study facility and conduct part-time courses.

When it comes to employment in the insurance sector, both the national as well as international insurance firms are having the full grip of the job market. A few of the well known names in the domain encompass Max New York Life Company Limited , Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company Limited, Birla Sun Life Insurance Company Limited, HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company Limited and so on.

Armed Security Guard Training

When you are looking into hiring security guards in London Central you may be interested in some things that go into training to be a security guard. There are numerous organizations and businesses that are interested in the services of a security guard, and in particular, an armed security guard. There is much more involved in this process than you may realize. Often an organization will hire an armed guard because they are worried about protecting their customers and property for one reason or another. The way the guards work when they are an armed guard is in a different way than that of a typical unarmed security guard. When an organization hires an armed guard, they will want them to be highly trained to do a good job and be competent in carrying firearms.

When security guards in London Central want to become trained to be an armed security guard, they will be trained in a way that they can watch over the location of the organization and take care of any and all security concerns there no matter what the situation. The training the guards will undergo will include gaining knowledge about surveillance systems. The guards will also receive training on how to operate street surveillance and property or premises surveillance. Of course, the individual who is training to become an armed security guard will receive extensive training on using fire arms in the right ways.

There are numerous courses that the individual will go through to train for being an armed guard. These courses may include such things as reporting crimes, knowing how to assess a crime scene quickly and thoroughly and notice any little minor detail that may be important to the situation or case at hand. Sometimes these small details, which are not noticed by the typical person, may be the thing that gives the information needed for a particular situation. The guard will also learn how to prevent crimes just by being there and walking the premises and being noticeable to anyone who may have any intentions of a crime.

There is a variation in the time frame for becoming a security guard. Sometimes this time frame is dependent on what areas are being learned by the particular guard. The basic training usually takes a couple of days, but security guards in London Central may not learn completely about security systems for several months.

Preparation For Job Interview

Pre interview PreparationsThe very first thing a candidate should do is prepare a qualitative resume in respect to the job he is applying for. Resume is the best tool to create good impression about you in the mind of the employer. The resume should not contain excess of personalized information rather it should contain precise and systematic information about basic personal information, your career objective, educational qualifications, technical skills or any other special skills which may be useful for the job you are applying. Then resume should also include your achievements or experience if any, some more additional information like hobbies, references, etc where necessary.

The career objective mentioned in the resume should match to the job you are applying for. Don’t make any grammatical mistakes, wrong punctuations in the resume it creates a bad impression. Once your resume gets through the screening process then you have to appear the next round. Well the next round may be either telephonic interview, personal interview or any other depending upon the company’s screening process.

Personal Interview PreparationsPersonal interview is the main step in the screening process. Candidates should be in proper attire to create a good impression on the interviewer. You should dress formally, well polished shoes, wear clean and fresh colored dress for interview. Females should wear short tops in their ears, avoid loud jewelry, etc. You should check out the company culture before going for interview.Candidates should go through their resumes before interview, study a bit about company profile, their customers, competitors, company’s market position, etc. All this will help to tackle with questions in the interview. Think for a second before you answer any question in the interview don’t fumble or give lengthy answers. Give precise and to the point answers. Sometimes employers ask tricky questions to test your presence of mind. Just be confident your interview, give answers in a decent manner, and sit erect in the chair while giving interview. Don’t be in hurry to answer let the interviewer finish his question and then you answer. Most of the time in excitement you may start answering before the interviewer finishes the times it happens that we try to answer some question even if we don’t know the correct answer. When you are not sure about the answer directly mention that you don’t know. It is not necessary that you should answer all the questions in the interview. Wrong answers may create bad impression rather than unanswered question. Avoid giving idiotic expressions at the time of interview, don’t use clutches while answering, and don’t give shake hands by yourself unless offered by the interviewer.

Post interviewOnce the interview is over it is the time for further steps in screening like physical test, medical test, personality test, intellectual test, etc depending upon the company’s selection process. Generally the final step in every selection process is job offer. When you get job offer clarify all your doubts about timing of job, training period, dress code, etc. Please keep in mind that receiving the offer letter does not mean that you have accepted the job. Make sure you inform the acceptance of the offer letter either by calling the company HR or other responsible person or you can just send a mail to the company. Job seeker should read all the details in the offer letter before accepting it. If you are satisfied with all the terms then only accept it. Offer letter consist all details like payment, job responsibilities, training period, company policy, other benefits and responsibilities applicable to you. Once you accept/reject the offer letter the selection process is completed.

What Are The Advantages of Online Pharmacy Technician Schools

Becoming a pharmacy technician requires a high school diploma and either passing a state exam or completion of a formal training program in a school that specializes in pharmacy technician degrees and/or pharmacy technician certifications. You, therefore, need to attend an accredited pharmacy technician school. You can also look for online pharmacy certification programs.

The best part about enrolling yourself for an online program is that you would be the one in charge of your learning materials and the speed of learning. If you are working or have other commitments that prevent you from attending an on-site pharmacy technician program you should most definitely consider online pharmacy technician schools. There are several benefits of attending these pharmacy technician online schools; they help you build a career as a potential pharmacy technician, and also give you an advantage over other candidates who do not have expertise in the same area.

Is higher learning mandatory for the purpose of becoming a pharmacy technician? There are those that argue that you should attend on-campus programs or online schools in order receive proper training, as you will learn from professionals that teach you everything you need to know about the position and prepare you for what to expect. However, there are many that believe school is not necessary, and that it is more valuable to gain experience on-the-job. Their argument is that once you become a pharmacy technician, you will always work under a licensed pharmacist who will be able to give you practical exposure and show you the ropes as you learn.

Students who have received accredited schools for pharmacy technician training feel that it provides them an advantage and makes them stand out from the crowd because they have training experience. Schooling offers them the chance to gain knowledge and be more “job-ready”. This way they would be not face much problem the moment they step into the professional world. A credible accredited pharmacy technician school would train its students in various areas including medical terminology, pharmaceutical billing, prescription terminology, computer skills, basic physiology and anatomy, emergency treatments pertaining to drugs, etc.

Beware of scam online schools for pharmacy technician degrees or certifications that just want to take your money. There are many such fake “programs” around, and it’s therefore very important to check a school’s background and programs before you enroll. Ways to do that is to search online and when you find an online school that interests you do some research on it. You can also request the school for their course curriculum and enquire about the duration of the program, internship matters, placements, provision of career support, etc. Figure out what they are charging for tuition and compare several programs to find the best fit. You should also check the accreditation of the school if you are interests in pursuing higher learning in universities after completing schooling. People taking up such online courses generally receive transferable credits.

Many people are hesitant about online programs in general but it must be noted that instructors are usually available by email or chat to answer students’ questions. Online programs are beneficial because there is no scope for skipping, you will have to complete a certain section before you can move on to the next one. The programs have been categorized into different sections or modules so you will get advance materials only when you complete previous sections and pass the exam that will assess your knowledge for that particular section. As mentioned earlier, attending online schools for pharmacy technician training can be very good for those who lead a busy lifestyle. You can decide the pace at which you want to learn. You will be able to work around your work schedule to complete your studies in a comfortable fashion. Online pharmacy technician schools also cost considerably less than usual on-site programs, because of the lack of need of a physical classroom and facilities.

Can You Make Money on Ebay

If you are wondering whether eBay could be a legitimate means to earn you some extra money, or even take over as your main source of income then there is some great news for you. It is completely possible to make money on eBay! However before you run to your day job to hand in your notice, it is important to realise that making a living from this auction website won’t be a walk in the park, and it will take some time to build momentum.

A lot of potentially successful eBay sellers end up falling at the first hurdle. They might have heard rumours and stories of hugely successful individuals setting up shop and making thousands almost right away, only to end up disheartened and disillusioned when those stories don’t reflect their own experiences.

With a changing economy and a changing eBay it is more difficult to break into selling than it used to be. It is certainly not impossible, but right now at the start of your selling journey you should consider the four all important things that making you way to the top will take. If you find yourself lacking in any one area don’t panic; just think about how you can work on that specific thing in order to strengthen your chances to succeed as an eBay seller.

It takes discipline. Until your eBay selling business becomes particularly large the chance is you will be working out of a spare room in your house. You will need to maintain a level of discipline to keep you away from the television when you need to be listing auctions or packaging goods. It’s amazing how tempting even something as usually dull as ironing can seem when your level of discipline is dipping.

It takes commitment. Unless you have the initial capital to support yourself through the slower months that can be associated with starting out on eBay, you will need to work as well as sell. This can be a big commitment, particularly as it will involve surrendering some of your evenings or weekends in order to build some momentum.

It takes determination. Ever heard the saying, ‘When the going gets tough, the tough get going?’ Although eBay has the potential to earn you serious quantities of money, it is highly likely that you will experience difficulties along the way. At these points it will be your determination that keeps you going. Do you have the drive to stir yourself up, to get yourself going and finding new products to sell even after one of your bestsellers has stopped selling?

It takes time. Yes, setting up an eBay business will take some of your personal time, or your working day time once you start to see success. However time is also required for your business to pick up some momentum; being patient through this time will help to put you on the road to success. Remember, your eBay account doesn’t come complete with positive feedback, nor does your garage come filled with wholesale stock. Start your new foray into eBay gradually, adding items slowly and letting your business build itself and before you know it you will be making some serious money on eBay.